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Cosmetic dentistry entails every form of dental work that intends to improve the physical appearance of your smile.  The major purpose of cosmetic dentistry is aesthetic enhancements which ensure that the physical features of the patient are improved according to the patient’s objectives.

Cosmetic dentistry will improve your smile and increase your self-confidence.  As a Kirkland dentist offering a full range of smile-enhancing procedures we are able to make your dream smile a reality.

Smile and the world will smile with you they say. But what if you aren’t happy with your smile? Many of our patients come to us with a simple request – give me a smile that will allow me to be confident again. There is nothing more impactful than working with a patient who at the end of their treatment says that our work as made a huge impact on their lives. Their newfound confidence radiates throughout their lives and of those around them. Smile improvement is such a small and relatively simple change that really has a significant and lasting impact on your well-being.

How do we do it? The treatment you would receive is dependent on the work required. After an initial consultation, our cosmetic dentist would complete an individualized treatment plan. The plan will be easy to understand and our staff will be there to explain your options to you. Treatment options range from a straight forward teeth whitening procedure to braces and jaw realignment. The most popular cosmetic treatments available to our patients are teeth whitening, smile design, same-day crowns, bridges, and porcelain veneers.  Our existing patients think we are the best cosmetic dentist in Kirkland.  With many years of creating great smiles, Dr. Louis K. Cheung DDS would love to work with you to enhance your smile. Whatever it takes, we will ensure that you end up with a beautiful smile. And yes, the world will smile with you!

You deserve a beautiful smile! Make Dr. Louis K. Cheung DDS your dentist in Kirkland. The skill and experience and meticulous workmanship are what distinguish him as an exceptional Kirkland dentist.

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