You can have a better smile with CEREC ceramic color-matched, precisely designed and very durable restorations that can be done right in your dentist’s office. With CEREC, you don’t need to have impressions and temporaries, and you avoid the need for multiple appointments.

Digital Impressions

With CEREC, your dentist will examine the affected tooth, determine a course of treatment, and then prepare the tooth to be restored, the same way as if you were having traditional restoration treatments. The difference begins when your tooth is coated with a special powder, and a 3D digital camera creates an image of your tooth. With a traditional approach, you have to wait while nasty, goopy impressions harden in your mouth. With CEREC, the digital image eliminates the need for those impressions.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

With CAD software, we can design in detail every aspect of your restoration. Your specific clinical needs will be fulfilled, and your restoration will be fully customized.

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) – Mill and Place

Within ten minutes, we can send the exact specifications for your restoration to our onsite milling machine. Your restoration will be color-matched and formed from ceramic materials in virtually no time. Then, we fit and polish your restoration, and bond it to ensure performance. You’ll have a natural-looking, natural feeling, beautiful tooth in just one visit.

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