Coronavirus Response

.Our staff

  • We are screened for Covid-19 symptoms twice a day at set intervals
  • Staff members will not work if they are experiencing ANY Covid-related     symptoms
  • All staff will wear face coverings

Our patients

  • Health screening twice per ADA guidelines – before appointment, and upon arrival in office
  • No-contact temperature scanning upon arrival
  • Patients are asked to wear a face covering
  • Protocol to allow for social distancing within the office
  • Required hand and oral hygiene for all patients upon arrival (hand sanitizing/washing; oral rinses)

Our Clinic

  • Operatories – we strictly adhere to infection control guidelines made by the American Dental Association (ADA), CDC and OSHA.  These controls have always been in place, with full sanitization and disinfecting of all surfaces that might have been touched.  The disinfectants we use meet the criteria for use against SARS-COV2, the Coronavirus that causes Covid-19.  Additionally, high-touch surfaces are shielded by disposable plastic barriers.  Clinicians follow hand hygiene protocol.
  • Personal Protection Equipment – our staff will be wearing gloves, masks, eye protection, face shields, hair covering, gowns and scrub pants.  Clinical staff change in and out of protective clothing in the office.
  • Air Purifiers with HEPA Filter, UV-Sanitizer and Odor Reduction
  • Extra Oral Dental Suction machines for reducing aerosols
  • High Volume Evacuators for removing up to 90% of aerosols

We also have additional clinical measures for infection control.  We are confident that by layering these protective procedures, we can protect your health, and provide a safe and disinfected environment.

Dr. Louis Cheung and team

Dr Louis K Cheung DDS Kirkland WA Dentist